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The Habbit – The Unexpected Journey. Our Teens combined with the Malaysian teens and a few others from the S.E.A. Region had our youth retreat in Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia. All of us arrived, after an overnight bus ride from Singapore and different cities in Malaysia, very early in the morning to our campsite. The first journey that we experienced was caving in Gua Tempurung, an old but elaborate limestone cave. The cave is lined with an underground river that we went through. It was a difficult and tiring journey. We tread up and down cliffs within the cave, and walked and crawled in the underground river. It was great to see how everyone helped each other through the journey, many of the path were quite unexpected even for some of us who have gone through it before. Guess that’s just like life, too – an Unexpected Journey.

Gua Tempurung video: No lights were used except the torchlights used by the teens

Gua Tempurung slideshow – you can see the limestone and condition of the cave better as I used flash to take the photos.


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