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Sunday 18 September, we saw two other teen girls baptised. It was exciting day. Serene came to church last year with Paul. At first, she was not too enthusiastic about it. She stopped coming for a while. But Paul perserved. She started coming again this year. And with the love from the POLY ministry, her love and understanding of God grew. This time there was not much struggle. The sisters said she was very open about her life and willing to do whatever it takes to be a Christian.

Christabella, is the daughter of Susan and Sam. Both Susan and Sam are faithful Christian serving the church powerfully. Christabella, struggled for a long time about God. She did not want to be a disciple and even struggled to come to church. But through perseverance and the love of God, her family, and the sisters, her heart opened. The turning point was the Bali Retreat where she ‘saw’ God in action through the lives of the disciples from other countries. After that it was never quite the same. Her eagerness increased and she was more than willing to be baptised.


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