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June 27, 2010, was a joyous day as we saw two of our teens, Xue Kai and Rebecca Fan, baptised into Christ. Xue Kai first started to study the bible seriously at the beginning of the year. One thing that made him stand out was his earnestness to stay true to his convictions. Even before his baptism, he wanted to test his own repentance, so he used a three week holiday in Kuala Lumpur to test himself to see if he would still be faithful and give Jesus priority in his life even without the influence of his closest friends at church. Needless to say, he came back from his holiday with flying colours.

Rebecca Fan is the elder daughter of the couple that leads our Chinese Ministry. She struggled with her relationship with God for more than a year and had many ups and downs. At times she was very zealous, and at other times she did not want to be faithful. Ultimately, Rebecca persevered and with the encouragement of her parents and teen workers she learned to be humble and trust God. We appreciate her constant joy and the spark that she brings to the teens. She is full of ideas about how to take things higher in our teen ministry and how to make things fun.


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