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Our Teens Ministry had our year end retreat in Batam from 12 to 14 December. It was a fun filled event with in depth lessons for our spiritual growth. We had time of reflections, prayers, fellowship, and discipleship groups, where we talked about our hearts. Overall it was a great time of fellowship and learning. We went away feeling so much bonded to God and to each other. There were about 80 in attendance including a few from Kota Kinabalu and Johor Baru, Malaysia. (For HD quality video: click on the link below the video). Photos are in the album section.

1st Part – Our journey to Batam for our Teens Retreat 2009 entitled “Driven”. We had our retreat at Nongsa Marina Resort. It was a beautiful resort on a hill and by the beach.

After arrival, we had lunch. Then, we proceed for an awesome lesson by Chee Peng on “Spiritual Friendship”. Finishing that, the teens were separated to 6 groups. They prepared their groups’ flags and groups’ cheers.

Late afternoon, we had games on the beach. We played:
1. Dogs N Bones
2. The Longest Line
3. Numbers N Paper Game
4. Marching with one foot tied Game.

We had so much fun. The games lasted until early evening where we were able to see the sunset by the beach.

This was our first night at the retreat. Everyone was tired after the games. So most of us relaxed by the beach, throwng rocks, and chasing each other into the water for fun. Later into the night, about 8pm, after dinner, we had another awesome lesson entitled “In the World but Not of the World”. Danny and Peiling taught us about purity.

To be continued………..


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