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5th of July was a fantastic Sunday as we saw three teens and a mother baptised. Earlier this week, there were also three other adult men baptised. To God be the glory. Below are the video clips of the teens n mother baptism. Photos can be found in the photo album section.
Note: part of the sharing n video clip are the same for Arielle, Fred, and Lorinda’s baptisms as they were all baptised at the same time but I edited it to focus on the individual baptism.
Arielle is our first Filipino teen, borned in Singapore, baptised in the Singapore Church. Coincidentally, her parents, Roberto and Delores, was our first Filipino couple baptised here. We are so delighted with her baptism as their family is very close to mine.

Barely six months ago, Fred was living in a hostel and studying in Nilai, Malaysia. He was feeling lonesome, being far away from his homeland, Korea. His parents decided to take a step of faith, even though the cost was higher, and move him to Singapore where there is a vibrant church and teens ministry that will meet his spiritual needs. Through homestay with Steven and Agnes, and the love of the teens ministry, Fred decided that Jesus is the only way for him. 5 July, his parents and grandmother came to witness his baptism. He is our second Korean teen baptised here.


Lorinda, her baptism, completes two united family in Christ. Andrew, her brother, became a Christian while he was studying in the University. Not long after that, he brought along Lorinda, and then his parents to church. Earlier this year, both of Andrew’s parents were baptised into Christ. For Lorinda, it was a tougher journey. But through love and her perserverance, she finally made her decision for Christ. Another amazing thing happened in this family, last month, Andrew married Sandy. Sandy’s entire family are already in Christ. With Lorinda’s baptism, we now have two entire families not only united in Christ but united through marriage.


Jin, is one of our Korean mum. She started off with just counselling and as time passed by, she realized that she needed more and decided to start studying the bible to overcome her struggles. She has been coming to church since 2003 and after a long journey, perserverance, and love from her friends, she finally made Jesus Lord of her life.


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