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A few weeks ago, the brothers planned a wonderful Sisters’ Appreciation Day. The teen sisters reciprocated with their own Brothers Appreciation Day on Saturday, 12 July. This event was completely planned by the teen sisters. Personalised invitation cards were given out to all the brothers. The night arrived. The brothers were greeted with a grand opening with the sisters in two rows cheering them on into the beautifully decorated hall with red curtains, words of appreciation and honor posted on the wall. The brothers were seated in a circle to proceed with the game. Run, run, run, the game was exciting as each player had to rush for one empty seat. Afterwhich, the ladies performed a play entitled "Paul and Saul". The play was about life in and out of the kingdom so that we can all appreciate what God has done for us. Refreshments, tuna crackers, cream cheese, salsa, and cold purple colored ribena were then served. Then, we had the knighting of each brother with a title that encompassed their character. Finally, we end up with the sharing for Wilfred who will be going to the campus ministry this August. Thanks Sisters.


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