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Yanti is in the red t-shirt.

Yanti is the younger sister of Yanni. On Sunday, 27th January, 2008, she was baptized and began her new life in Christ. She is special to many of us in the Teens ministry for many reasons, not just because she is Yanni’s sister. Yanti came to Singapore to study English and then further her education. The first time Yanti came to church was during the Swimming Olympic Sunday. She joined us for all the youth services and later went on to study the Bible.  Throughout the Bible study, Yanti was eager to grow in her relationship with God. Although she was religious, she realized she still needed to get right with God and put Him first in her life. She took small but courageous steps to work through her heart and repent of her sins. One character trait that stands out in Yanti is her deep deisre to be righteousness and spiritual.   She is a very joyful and giving person. It’s great to see her baptized on 27 Jan 2008!



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