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Four teens speak about their learning experience serving an orphanage in Batam, Indonesia, this past December 07:

Upon my first look at the many cheerful and exuberant faces of the orphans that lived in the orphanage which was run down and dirty, I was completely blown away. Tears just trickled down my cheek uncontrollably. I cleaned and painted the kitchen, in which I saw dirt so many times more than the dirt I see in my own kitchen. It was literally a layer of dust formed on the surface of the walls. I would never imagine myself living in such a house – so smelly and dirty. But I really learnt how blessed I am to have a family and a clean home with clean tap water. I feel so unworthy about my complaints as I’ve received so much already in Singapore. These joyful orphans have certainly taught me gratitude and joy. (Fiona, 18)


Batam was an eye opener for me when we went to the orphanage. I had a shock. I had no idea the orphans in Batam lived such a lowly life. It made me think a lot about the life back home; about how fortunate and well off I am. One thing that I’ll remember is drawing water from the well. They had to walk a distance just to take water. It was definitely an experience for me drawing water from the well and taking the heavy load back to the orphanage. And the look on the orphans’ faces after we painted the orphanage is priceless. I would give anything in the world to see their happy faces again. (Addis 18)


Visiting the Batam orphanage really changed my heart and my attitude towards my life. The orphans always had a big smile on their faces, and I never saw one of them looking sad. Their happiness made me realize how I can have joy when I’m living in much better circumstances. When we started painting the orphanage, I was shocked and couldn’t believe how dirty everything was. It wasn’t pleasant when we painted all the walls including the kitchen and bathrooms. But there was such an awesome result in the end. I was grateful I painted because it definitely taught me to have a serving spirit. At the end of everything, I could tell the orphans and the staff who took care of them were grateful for what we had done and I personally gained so much spiritually. (Sonia 15)


For me, I feel that this retreat has been the most meaningful and at the same time fun for me. Just visiting the orphanage made me reflect on how fortunate I really am. Seeing the kids being so happy and joyful made my heart feels so warmth. To even look at the living conditions, I couldn’t help but have a tear. I am really proud of the teens for volunteering in this retreat to help out in the orphanage to make it a better place to live in. (Shawn Poh 19)




             BEFORE                         AFTER

Don’t You Just Love Their Smiles and Happy Faces! We thank God we could serve.




  1. hay, temna” boleh saya minta alamat” panti asuhan yang pernah d kunjungi sblumnya?

    • Sorry, I don’t have the address as the trip was organised by another group. We just went there to help. thanks.

  2. Hi,we are a couple of friends a d would like to volunteer in an orphanage in batam. We have no prior experience. Would b great if u can advice us how to go about it?


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