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Our teens went to Batam to serve the Orphanage. Our plans were to clean, repaint their home, do minor repairs, and to entertain the orphans. For this year, we were joined by some Japanese and Korean teens for the HOPE for Youth Retreat. final
The theme for our retreat is "ROCK it 2 (HeartCore)". For this retreat, we focused on our hearts – to serve, love, have compassion, and to draw closer to God.
Below are some video clips of our trip. (If the video does not work, please click playlist to restart or the link just below the video). For more photos, please click the photo link on the top right "HOPE for Youth 2007 (Batam)"
Video Clips:
On the first day, we got organised, and had fun.
In the evening, we had our devotional. Charles, evangelist from the Batam Church, inspired us with the lesson on "Heart for people."
The next day, we went to the Orphanage to serve. We had to go to the local well to fetch water as the water supply was cut off for that day. We cleaned and painted the home.
While we painted the orphanage, we brought the orphans to our resort. We had fun, games, and taught them art and crafts.
The next day, we went back to say goodbye. It was sad and there were tears. We played with the orphans and gave gifts to them. They were so delighted.
In the evening, we had another devotional and watched an inspiratinal movie entitled "Freedom Writers." After that we had fun. BBQ.
On Sunday, the last day, we gathered together on the Lord’s day and all of us made the "Toast for Change". This symbolized our decisions to be more Godly and to grow in our character and discipleship in 2008.

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